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by bored cricket crazy indians

If you’re tongue tied and twisted
And totally black listed
If you can’t say it, don’t say it
He will! He will!
KhufiaBaaz! Hello to you!

Gotta tongue like a Venus Fly Trap
Wags it like a mad dog's tail, bull-sheet!
Picks up any dirty little scrap
Even knows how to blog and tweet

KhufiaBaaz, what a bad boy you’ve been!

He knows the people that matter
Even though they have no grey matter
What they say is finally what does matter
Don’t expect him to put mind over matter!

KhufiaBaaz! What a bad boy you’ve been!

Dresses rather strange
But then he is deranged
His clothes are the same
He will never change

If you say it’s just not cricket
Go fckn take a walk in the thicket
It’s a Jungle out there
Welcome to KhufiaBaaz’s lair!

Dirt and filth
Grime and sweat
Crotch Guards
And Politics
Who are we protecting?
KhufiaBaaz, he’s gotta private eye
Let’s go public, shall we?

KhufiaBaaz, what a bad boy you’re gonna be!

Cartoon by A Bisht

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