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Pakistan play a Test against Sri Lanka and Damith gets Serious

by Q

Younis Khan said that T20 cricket was all for fun and entertainment, a bit like WWF.

We didn't take him seriously then, but Damith did.

Damith made sure it was all fun and entertainment and he came out with digs at Pakistan's players, a few laughs here and there, he sent us a kitten with some tissues when Pakistan lost a T20 game to the Lankans, and before the final he laughed at Younis Khan's thought of winning the World T20.

That was then.

Now since its test cricket, all serious and grim and all, Damith is not poking fun at us.

He has also taken a serious turn.

There are no digs and pokes at the Pakistanis by him; instead he is wary of what his first time test captain, King Sanga can pull off.

He does call Younis Khan unstable, but then three quarters of Pakistan is that. Its not bad.

Its good for Pakistan actually. You can prepare to counter stability, but what do you do when the opposition is so unstable?

Can't do much I say.

Pakistan have never lost a test series in Sri Lanka, while the last time they lost a test match there, Damith was probably in his diapers (yeah I don't believe your facebook birth date of 1927).

I believe that is one statistic that will remain intact once this series is over.


Damith S. said...

How dare you. I am serious man who takes test matches very seriously my friend.

I might have been in my diapers but it just means you are very very old.

Q said...

I am very serious too buddy and take test cricket very seriously...

I was just abt getting out of my diapers then ;-)