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Lets get the facts in the way of a good story

by Damith S.

Q, Why the personal attacks ?

I guess I would also fall to such lows after 9 for 35 collapse.

We are battle weary though and know that we must offer Waranapura and Mahela as a sacrifice to the cricketing gods to pull off this win.

Look I am not trying to rub it in but you did loose 9-35. I mean 9-35 that is pretty shithouse if you ask me.

9-35 in 15 overs or so. That is bad my friend. I mean 9-35, woowee.

Is Monty of Pakistani descent ? Might wanna reclaim him if he is.

1 comment:

Q said...

I've attacked Sri Lanka, I've attacked Pakistan, I've praised Sri Lanka, I've praised Pakistan, all while u were hiding away... now all that was left to do, was attack you...