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Let's talk about umpires, baby!

by Gaurav Sethi

I'm thinking umpires, after this chat about chases at Well Pitched –

I think it’s the case of too little too late for Australia. All 400+ chases in Test Cricket have been architected by the top order. The only 350+ chase I remember, not starred by the top order, was against Pakistan by Gilchrist and Langer I think.

Australia winning is highly unlikely.

Golandaaz, You are right abt the Langer / Gilchrist chase orchestrated by the lower order.. however had the umpire given Langer out, as he was edging Wasim Akram behind the stumps, it would have never happened.

How that loss still hurts.

Coming back, so yeah the big chases have been due to the top order.. but if a fresh Clarke and Haddin can come firing in the morning, who knows what can happen..

Naked Cricket:
Q, Golandaaz, that Langer test of yours - Parker and Wiley umpired.

It was Parker who didn't give Langer's edge, right?

The edge was thick, and so was Parker.

Btw not that we care, but Parker turned 50 y'day. The Langers were over.

Ok, here is what I’m driving at: Peter Parker was an Aussie umpire officiating in a test match played by Australia v Pakistan. That was November, 1999. Ten years on, we have neutral umpires.

And while games like Hobart are tough to let go off, how easy will it be for the Aussies to forget Lord’s and forgive the neutral South African umpire?

Much as Lord's will be about Freddie for the Poms, it will be about Rudi for the Aussies.

The argument that Australia was outplayed 5 outta 5 days and England would still have won, doesn't hold here.

How far can Human Technology be? If ever there was a case, for a strong Nokia branding (human technology is their line), to interface man and machine, it is now.

The umpire can be the coat rack, ball counter, PR man on field, there are still many roles for him - best of all, we need him to stand there, fill space. Almost like a tradition we cannot let go off. But at the same time, these moronic mistakes (albeit human and unintentional) are starting to sully the sport.

Bring on the machines. Sir Don said so a long time ago, what do you say sir?

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