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Exclusive BCC! Interview with Flintoff - see who he thanks for Lord's

by bored cricket crazy indians

BCC!: Nobody expected you to bowl so many overs unchanged – how did you do it Freddie?

Freddie: MumbleMumbleMumbleMumble5MumbleLord’sMumbleMumble…MumbleMumbleMumbleMumble

BCC!: What did Strauss and Flower say to you before start of play?

Freddie: UmmMumble

BCC!: You think the body will hold till the end of the Ashes

Freddie: GottaMumbleMumbleBigMumbleEffort

BCC!: Anyone you’d like to thank for your efforts

Freddie: MumbleBumble…

(look out for more of the same soon)

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