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New cricket law

by Damith S.

Law 45.1e
A batting captain shall not be allowed to bowl.

a)This applies specifically to Captains who are batsmen, as it would be unfair to a captain who bowls.

b)The punishment for breaking this law will be that you will not be allowed to bat in that match.

c)You will be categorically identified as a bowler from that day forth and Cricinfo would need to be notified so that their database can be updated.

Also Broadcasters will need to be notified so that the little bat that appears next to the players name on the team sheet be removed and be replaced with a ball.

d)Umpires are to exercise this law with immediate effect.

e)Close attention to be paid to WI(Gayle)

f)Specific attention to be paid to Pakistan(Younis Khan), who have repeatedly made a mockery of this law.

Subtext- Any team intending to break this law, should immediately report their intention to the opposing team 48 hours before the commencement of the match, so that they can factor in this new problem in their game plan.


Megha said...

lol..the Sri Lankan board should register their protest with ICC and demand application of this rule retrospectively...

Damith S. said...

Well Said Megha. Well said indeed.

straight point said...

dont worry damith...the way things are going pak will make a new rule that batting captain should concentrate more on batting... ;-)

Damith S. said...

Oh snap. Pakistan. What have you done !?

Q,where you at ?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Don't care if Younis bowls or bats, he always gotta do the post match interviews. Matchless.