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Megha's last stand.

by Bored Guest

So it started off as just another day. I had just started my 2nd year at college. I was in my hostel room calculating whether it was worth showing up for classes that day or not. R suddenly came in and asked me to get ready for a cricket match.

"You mean go watch a match?" I asked.
"No, we gotta play" she said.

Apparently the Management-types (Them) and the Techies (Us) were playing a "friendly" match on Uni campus grounds. Yes, a match that was as friendly as an Ind-Pak match. The kind where if you lose, it is just a stupid match, and if you win then "there is nothing like a friendly match"...

"Hold on", I said, "I'm not so sure R...I...actually....I mean, I really haven't played any real cricket, like ever. And you know what, I am terribly short on attendance for D Ban's subject anyway, so..."

She ignored me, of course, and before I knew it, I was on my way to the ground.

The teams were mixed..2nd and 3rd year students, girls and guys. Since the match was being played on short notice, they were short on players. Which explains why R and me were asked to pitch in. I have never been the sporty kinds...par izzat ka sawaal tha and there was only one thing do.

So, on my way to the ground, I devised my game plan. I would be one of the close-in fielders. That way my throwing arm would not be tested and I would not be required to run around that much as well. For bowling, I would simply look the other way if I saw the captain looking around, trying to decide who should bowl next. Batting would be a bit trickier. My only hope there was that the other guys play so well that I should not be required to bat at all.

Now the actual match details are a little hazy. I don't know who top scored, who the best bowler was or what the target was. What I remember is this -

We fielded first.

I fielded at Silly Mid-On. I kid you not! (For those who don't know, Silly M(a)id-on is my blog)

I managed to fluff two catches, a close run-out chance and my fielding effort in general was a bit shoddy.
When required to bat, I lasted 4-5 balls, could put bat to ball just twice and scored 2 runs (I think).

Yeah, we lost. And I was never asked to play a match again!

by Megha


Q said...

Hahaha.. awesome stuff Megha..

We used to have an annual tape-ball tournament back in college and there was this 1 girl who always used to play for one of the teams.. she was the only one in the entire college and she was a more than decent bowler.. pace, bounce, she had it all..

All the boys used to be so wary of her.. no one wanted to lose their wicket to her cos if they did they knew they would be picked on by the entire college forever!

So whenever she came on to bowl even the hardest hitters would start defending.. they would play out maidens in 12 overs a side matches!

Haha.. used to be a sight.. she picked up a few wickets here and there but she remained by far the most economical bowler ever.

Megha said...

That's hilarious :D

Glad to know that some girls have kept the flag flying high for the rest of us. You go girlfriend!

straight point said...

hahaha...perfect case for that 'kambal kutaai' megha...? ;-)

i used to be opener and reasonably good off spiner...much like pawar it is for exactly opposite reason than pawar is...i was bit thin on flesh had no choice but to flight ball more... :)

and in our ramjas college (delhi) ours was bsc gr. 'a' math stream and bsc gr 'b' biology stream and we too used to share this ind-pak rivalry...

i feel somehow the rivalry happens between those who are close...and that's why they want to enforce superiority over each other...

Megha said...


You are so evil...kambal kutai??! tch tch...

I'm glad I played with perfect gentlemen who would not think of hitting a female ever...they only gave me "If I could kill you..." stares for a few days :D

straight point said...

its just coz i don't differentiate between male and female... ;-))

Gaurav Sethi said...

At our games the girls were cheerleaders, but they didn't cheer much.

And yeah, I prefer to field close-in too, short cover or short mid wkt. And the last few times I've played, it's been in shorts.

Megha said...


ha ha...u know, u should rethink that...coz between your daughter and the missus, u are out numbered already

Megha said...


Hope the "short" stuff doesnt bother ur team as much as it does Team India...

straight point said... know to hit where it hurts... ;-))

Gaurav Sethi said...

It does. We could have been the Indian team, you wouldn't know the difference.