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Pakistan Obviously the More Exciting Ones

by Q

So Pakistan remain the only team to cross 300 in this test series so far.

They also remain the only team to be dismissed below a 100.

That sort of stuff usually keeps the women excited. This unpredictability leads to a night of a romp in bed; while on the other it leaves them high and dry wondering what the hell happened. Most importantly it keeps the women in check and in expectation of that romp that they know will come again.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, have scores of 292, 217, and 240.

How boring and predictable.

Their women will leave them soon; if they haven't already.


straight point said...

...Q 'collapses' are happening too frequent too soon for them to be anything but exciting... ;-)

Q said...

SP, collapsing in a heap to 117 or 90 is more exciting than struggling sluggishly to 217 and 240...

pRAFs said...

jeez, Q,
Now we're debating which collapse is more exciting!
but it's still better than the runfests in Pak.
Btw women, cricket, sex all in one post.... i like!

Q said...

Haha its simple Prafs, which innings is more exciting and has more action?

One where a team falls for 90? or one where a team slugs to 240?

I don't think anyone will deny Pak is an exciting team the way they are up and down with every match...

SM said...

Interesting observation on collapses .. but had there been no erractic lows like this we would have been disecting like this . 240 for SL , I would say the test is still wide open . BTW congrats Q, Fawad paid back some of the confidence ushered on his on his debut .

Q said...

Thanx SM.. I am prouder than probably Fawad and his captain right now about his 100.. :-)