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Imran - a Man of letters

by Bored Guest

Hello, it's I, Imran Khan, Generals and letters have played an important role in my life. The most important letter being the letter my name starts with namely the letter I. Many times I've felt that rather than say I am Imran, I should say I is Imran. It defines me. When I became Pakistan's best fast bowler, when I led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 World Cup, I was there all the time. I was consistent. Unfortunately marraige and I were not consistent. While my love affair with I has been a Test Match, my marraige was decidedly Twenty 20. It's something I find hard to comprehend.

So some people wonder what ails Younis Khan and Pakistan in Sri Lanka. Well Pakistan, Younis and I share a letter - the letter P - P for Pakistan and P for Pathan. Unfortunately, the first syllable of Younis' name is you.. If only Younis had shared the letter and philosophy of I with me. He would have been a different captain and an individual - individual the letter I again. I'm amazed at how often the word I crops up with me. I could go on till .. well Infinity has I as well.

by Mohit Varma


Gaurav Sethi said...

I gotta say, you was brilliant there, I.

A real gem-i-ma

Unknown said...

Uffo! This blog is aptly named :D

Megha said...

ok..the alphabet is all jumbled in my head now!

good one Mohit!