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SCOOP: BCCI letter to MSD lands in BCC!

by Som

Dear MSD,

This is to inform you that while the Board, in principle, has no real objection to the break given to Team India, there has been a serious apprehension among a certain quarter that while it would allow you people to catch breath, at the same time it's a proposition fraught with the risk of the players gathering rusts.

Fortunately, a new door has opened before us and Vanuatu has been accorded Associate membership of the ICC. The Board derives immense pleasure in conveying that we have inked a deal with the cricket association in Vanuatu to go there for a full bilateral series, which, is guaranteed to get an ICC windowpane, if not the window itself, in near future.

Accordingly, we are working on the logistics and have commissioned cartographers to locate Vanuatu on the global map, a task which proved beyond us. Even though the majority questions Vanuatu's very existence and calls it a hoax, we have not given up hopes yet.

We can assure you that once we discover the land, we'll take care of the rest. Keyboard member Key board member Lalit Modi is in fact ready with a bunch of tenders to acquire a piece of land anywhere in the globe, name it Vanuatu and sue the original Vanuatu for plagiarism.

Without going into further details, I hereby ask you to tell your teammates to keep their passports ready, since it all may take place in very short notice.

So, shove some clothes in a suitcase -- some board members fear dressing may not be in vogue yet in Vanuatu -- and wait for our call. We are in the process of convincing the Civil Aviation Ministry to start chartered flight to Vanuatu and believe a breakthrough is in the offing.

With regards,
Saw-Sunk Manouevre

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