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Fawad Alam is My Man!

by Q

What is the best feeling that a cricket fan can have?

His team winning a match, a series, a world cup. That's probably right isn't it?

What's the best feeling that a cricket blogger can have?

A player that he has been talking up for a long time coming good in his very first match!

That is exactly what I am going through right now.

Every cricket blogger has his own man. His own cricketer. One that he wants to see play for his country. One that he feels will do well for his country. One that he hopes will do well when he gets his chance.

We have seen many cricket bloggers hype their men up; many have also seen their men don the international colours making them proud.

Some of these men lived up to the hype; some didn't.

My man today, lived up to all the expectations I had of him. He lived up to all the hype I had created around him.

He even surpassed some by becoming the first Pakistani batsman to hit a test century on debut on foreign soil.

Fawad Alam, you are my man and you have done me and Pakistan proud!

Damith, who is yours?


Gaurav Sethi said...

Ok, you asked Damith, but anyway, here goes - Amit Mishra

Of course, for D, if he cares, it will be Damith Mishra.

Man, they gotta get you to Colombo for the post match party.

Fawad and Q will make quite an entrance!

straight point said...

indeed Q...indeed...

its nice when your instinct about a player comes real that too in the first match he plays...truly great!!

Ankit said...

Dinesh Karthik is mine...