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This could be Lord’s or this could be Mohali!

by Gaurav Sethi

Right now I’d like to be on a flight to London, minor issues of visa notwithstanding. There is an almost magnetic pull to some test matches – like Mohali, October, 2008, the 5th day. India on the verge, Australia on the edge. And here we are again, Lord’s, July, 2009, the 5th day, England on the verge, Australia, you know where they are.

4th day, Mohali, Australia finished 5 down (ditto Lord’s) – Clarke and Haddin still there. That series though, neither Haddin’s mind nor feet were moving. Now, Haddin is uncluttered, and batting with him is, Clarke boy again.

Looking back, Mohali, like Lord’s, followed a drawn test. Both 2nd tests, and in both tests, Australia’s adversaries had the follow-on option, which they did not use. Useless I say.

In both tests, Australia was set a target in excess of 500. (516 and 522)
That 5th day in Mohali, you remember what Zaks did – he did Australia in. Who will do them tomorrow?

You know what I'm thinking: Really miss Teri Maa Ki - that was the the Teri 'Marquee' series!

Post Match Note - Both matches were lost by Australia pre-lunch. That's food for thought.


Q said...

Funny how the examples i have given are where the team chasing ended up on top on day 5, while the one u have given the team chasing failed...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Just read it Q.

That's one way of looking at it. For me, more than who failed, the similarities between Mohali and Lord's seemed downright eeries.

Gotta add another one now, both finished pre-lunch. Quick and painless.