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Mendis no longer Splendid...

by Q

It all starts again tomorrow.

The Debate.

Oh yeah the test match too.

Remember the wager Damith?

Let me remind you in case your black hole has been blocking some information.

"Mendis takes less than 15 wickets in this 3-test series, Damith will stop calling him splendid."

So then, lets take a look at where we stand now.


Those are Ajantha Mendis' figures right now.

An average of over 40 and a strike rate of almost 75.


The fact that Pakistan have still lost is sad, but Mendis must be sadder, for sure!

So then Damith, another 10 in the 3rd test?

I highly doubt it.

Actually with Vaas making his return for a farewell test, Mendis might not even play.

Falling short by 10 wickets... ouch!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, but does the bet stand - did Damith shake on it?

Q said...

He totally did NC.. its in the comments..

Q said...

Here I reproduce Damith's comment:

Damith S. said...
I did not know this post was up. My apologies.

A gentleman's agreement it is then. Husaaaa!

Lets spit in our palms and shake on it.

However, if in future I do not uphold my end of the wager, blame it on my fidgety hands. They sometimes appear to have a life on their own.

Bandara is around but people like Herath for some reason. He's not bad at all.

I think Mendis finds it hard when runs leak at the other end. People block Murali out of respect in tests. He still needs that cushion at the other end. Lets see how he goes today though.

Only 14 to go Q

Krish said...

He is not even playing today!

Q, you won.

Q said...

Hahaha, that's right Krish.. the Lankans have realized he is not good enough, time Damith does as well ;-)

straight point said...

they thought about it hard...and came to conclusion...that at this stage vaas is better spinner than mendis...