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A Wager for Damith

by Q

Mendis is woeful.

Well he isn't really but there's something about Pakistan that brings about the worst in him.

I highlighted that before the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka test series got underway; today was just another proof of the same.

Before today, Mendis had bowled 67 overs against Pakistan, in which he had picked up as many as 1 wicket.

His test average against Pakistan then was 178.00.

Today, after 25 overs, and zero wickets later, that average shot up to 267.00.

That is bradmanesque!

Pity that its with the ball in hand though.

Given that all this can hardly be considered as "Splendid", here's my wager for Damtih.

If Mendis takes less than 15 wickets in this 3-test series, Damith will stop calling him splendid.

Not only that, but he will have to announce that "Mendis is no longer splendid and hence cannot be called that".

If Mendis does take more than 15, highly unlikely, then I will say / write whatever Damith asks of me.

Do we have a deal?


Krish said...

A littly risky wager that, Q. Mendis may be more difficult to get away in the 4th innings. Plus when Murali comes back, he could be more effective.

Having said that, I do think he is repeating the pattern that once batsmen figure him out, he doesn't have any more surprises up his sleeve.

Q said...

No fun without a risk Krish...

I agree, he could be a lot more dangerous in the 4th innings, but I really don't see him picking up too many wickets against Pakistan..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, that one over where he no-balled twice, bowled a wretched widish one down leg, was good enough to call him Mend-it Mendis.

But I like Splendid Mendis, even if it's a misnomer today. This is rough on Damith. Could be crankier if he doesn't take wickets and Damith still has to refer to him as Splendid Mendis.

That said, Sanga's captaincy was off - holding back Herath was pointless.

D, and what happened to Bandara?

Anonymous said...

Would be fun to watch. More he plays more he would be easy to play.

PCB has laid a conspiracy to nullify him by having more and more cricket with SL :P

Q said...


That would be a bit too hard on D..

Keeping herath off so late was so wrong.. King Sanga should have known Pakistan's dismal record against left arm spinners..

Bandara's career was ended by one Shahid Afridi in Abu Dhabi.. wat wasit, 34 of the over?


Q said...


That's a nice ploy..

straight point said...

its a nice challange for mendis to show what he is made of...specially in absence of murli...he need to show that all the wickets he got were not for some serious strangling happening on other end by murli...

having said that pak seems to be a lot calm, assured and easier playing mendis...

Q said...

But murali was there in Feb against Pakistan.. and Mendis still got no wickets.. or 1 in 67 overs..

straight point said...

Q...i was referring to his over all performances... :)

Q said...

SP, then it'll be interesting to see how well or otherwise he has done without Murali in the side.. don't think there have been many games yet..

Damith S. said...

I did not know this post was up. My apologies.

A gentleman's agreement it is then. Husaaaa!

Lets spit in our palms and shake on it.

However, if in future I do not uphold my end of the wager, blame it on my fidgety hands. They sometimes appear to have a life on their own.

Bandara is around but people like Herath for some reason. He's not bad at all.

I think Mendis finds it hard when runs leak at the other end. People block Murali out of respect in tests. He still needs that cushion at the other end. Lets see how he goes today though.

Only 14 to go Q.

Q said...


So then if Mendis takes 15 or more, what do I have to do?