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Well Done Yuvraj!! Befitting reply to Buchanan..

by K

Reacting to Buchanan's comment in his just released book, 'The Future of Cricket: Rise of Twenty20', where he said that "Yuvraj would just walk off after training, leaving all his gears and rubbish because he was used to someone else picking up after him", Yuvraj said caustically: "I must have told Buchanan to carry my stuff after a Knight Riders game in the IPL and that is why he wrote all those things about me in his book."

Yuvraj Singh's comment made my day yesterday. It got my adrenalin going. It was a befitting reply to Buchanan's cheap publicity stunts.

In his book, Buchanan also wrote that Yuvraj tries to imitate former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly but lacks dignity.

But don't we know who actually lacks dignity... a person who indulges in such cheap behaviour in order to sell his book.

Someone who's never played cricket for his country has the bludy cheek to make such comments on the most prolific and stylish batsman in world cricket at the moment.

No point comparing Yuvraj with Ganguly. Two very different batsmen with totally different personalities. And Yuvraj has his own inimitable style. His athleticism is unparalled in Indian cricket.

In fact, I would go on to say that Yuvraj is perhaps one of the very few contemporary batsmen who would ever come close to great Viv Richards in terms of: 1. Fearlessness, 2. Intimidation of the opposition, 3. Supercool approach while at the crease, 4. Style (walk and swagger), 5. Hitting prowess.

Well done Yuvraj. One can expect such a response only from the valiant Jatts of Punjab. Your answer to Buchanan is also what we refer to as 'typical Punjabi sense of humour'. Very practical and earthy.


straight point said...

yes typical punjabi style...he just dismissed it from its presence like the way he plays his favorite slap pull shot!

Gaurav Sethi said...

K, Now Buchanan can go write a book on the reply. And then another one on how Yuvraj tries to copy Richards.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Yuvraj is Richards now? Don't tell him - he will develop haemorrhoids next.

Anonymous said...

Yuvraj made an old man who wasn't even his coach carry his stuff?!

Lazy bum...