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What’s a regulation catch?

by Naked Cricket

I’m on my way out, when Mr Osman stops me in my tracks. He has a question for me. Mr O always has questions. The other day, someone asked him, and now he’s Chinese whispering it to me. Yeah, he does talk softly. So here it is – “What’s a regulation catch?” I was ready for many questions, a general enquiry on construction material, but not this.

So it takes me a second to tell him, “It’s a simple catch!”

He’s not nearly as satisfied as he’d like to be – so he says, “then, what are other catches?”

I’m in the loop with him, “they’re not regulation…” and I play on, “a regulation catch you gotta take…you’re expected to take…take it in your sleep…even a kid should take it”

I wanted to add, but didn’t, “even you can take it!” and "even I can take it!"

He folded his hands, nodding, almost marvelling at the mysterious ways of cricket.

For Mr O’s sake, tell me, what is a regulation catch?


Ottayan said...

A straightforward catch that a fielder fails to catch.:)

Naked Cricket said...

Haha! Yeah, that's always the context, isn't it - that was regulation, he should have taken it

Nibhrit Vij said...

no...a regulation catch is a catch which best suits the definiton of "the simplest catch". something like what players give each other during practice sessions--a similar catch in a match situation is a regulation catch.other catches dont have a name.

Sujan Rao (sanath189) said...

Catching a bottle of Jack Daniels at any cost when its thrown at me will be the best suited definition for my Regulation catch :D

Romi Sharma said...

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