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The Invisible Man: Shakib Al Hasan

by Gaurav Sethi

The Shakibbing continued in the Windies, against a less than worthy opponent. Man of the moment, Man of the match, man of the series, Shakib Al Hasan, captain, bowler, batsman, what more will you have him do? Play better teams for one, right?

(At BCC! we started all this Shakibbing stuff, click back a few pages - soon, it will be cool to be Shakibbing)


raj said...

If not for my wretched luck, I'll anoint Shakib my man ala Damith's Splendid, Q's Fawad and Jrod's McGain.

Oops..I may have already jinxed him - watch out for Mitchell Johnson type performances from Shakib in near future!

straight point said...

indeed raj...west indian cricketers have ended their strike!

John said...

My first-born child will be a Shakib

Gaurav Sethi said...

Raj, doubt your jinx applies here. Shakib is a force of nature, not a freak.

Deshi cricket can get better, not any worse. Ok, I might have jinxed the whole damn team now.

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, ended their strike, yes, but what frame of mind will they be in?

Limited overs, that's Shakib's game - be a Gayle vs Shakib show.

John, no kidding.

straight point said...

nc...did you say what frame of mind gayle will be in...? ;-)