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Born convert!

by Som

His strike rate in first 20 Tests is under-50. His strike rate in last 35 Tests is 70-plus!

The caterpillar turned butterfly and the stonewaller morphed into a swashbuckler.

Look, what sharing a dressing room with Sehwag can do to you!

He kept wicket but then threw away the gloves to morph into The Great Lankan Check Post at backward point.

He adds beef to middle order and then muddles the order to open in Tests.

And there he scores at a rate that prompts the scorers to cross-check the format.

What’s the issue with him?

You look back and realise he was Tuwan Mohammad Dilshan prior to his conversion from Islam.

And since then, he continues converting -- those 20s and 30s into big ones.

Merely the most violent Buddhist around?

No, Dilshan is a born convert!


straight point said...

hmmm... dilshan is some CONvert... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

The monk who sold his fears

Som said...

SP, Convert is better than pervert. Ask Jonathan Agnew:)

Som said...

NC, nicely put indeed.

Anonymous said...

any chance the same will happen to dravid? :) going by ipl-2, it may!