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Name That Team!

by achettup

Hello and welcome to another edition of Name That Team! - the game where we give you a few names of the squad members and you have to guess which country/team they're representing. Today you've got a bonanza of clues, a full squad.

Zaheer Ashiq (c)
Safir Hayat
Adeel Ibrar
Shahid Ahmed
Zeeshan Ali
Iftikhar Hussain
Mubasshar Bhatti
Shahbaz Butt
I Dawood
Munawar Ahmed (wk)
Aamer Waheed
Aziz Ataul
Umran Shahzad
Zeshan Rauf

The only rules are
1) No using Cricinfo
2) No using Google

So go ahead, just take a guess in the comments section.


straight point said...

hey ach!

nice to see you after a while... missed your unconditional ponting love all trough ashes... :)

regarding team is it afghanistan xi?

achettup said...

Hey SP,

Great to see you to! I didn't want to jinx Ponting, that worked well didn't it?

Nope not Afghanistan, but you're pretty close, same hemisphere :P

Try a little closer to the North Pole!

Gaurav Sethi said...

It's obvious. Norway.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Brilliant Ach. Just read your post at SoaL. That's when it became obvious.

Unknown said...

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