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Cricket Freedom.

by bored cricket crazy indians

What with India’s 62nd Independence Day, the whole freedom routine’s rubbed off our cricket too:

1. Indian cricketers’ freedom from the clutches of WADA’s ‘Whereabouts’ clause: whereabouts they will achieve this freedom is known – in BCCI they trust.

2. Sreesanth’s freedom from the heavy hand of Indian cricket in some far away English county.

3. Dravid’s freedom from that test cricket tattoo, gate-crashing the ODIs through the IPL – a more bizarre revolt in cricket is unknown.

4. Bhajji and MSD’s freedom from conservation: the Hummer. What next, the U.S. army? Afghanistan.

5. Ganguly’s freedom from John Buchanan. A freedom struggle that likened India’s non-violent revolt, a stoic and resolute Dada withstood the verbal canes of the goras, only to emerge as the father of the Knight Rider nation, again.

6. India’s freedom from cricket. Come again, when last did we play?

7. England's freedom from cricket. Come again, when last did they play?


Thiru Cumaran said...

Hi guys, could you possibly explain to me how recreational drugs can enhance performance? Unless, of course, the WADA means the other type of performance! :S

And, BTW, could you possibly add my blog to your blogroll? I will do the same for you. Thanks a million in advance.

Gaurav Sethi said...

CT, will add you.

Your questions been put to our WADA cell.