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Rahul Dravid returns.

by pRAFs

If this is to ensure that India keeps out the short stuff, i don't know how its gonna work.

Will including Dravid collectively improve the technique of Raina, Gambhir and Yusuf against the bouncer?

As i see it, there's one more pair of old legs in the field now alongside Sachin.

Instead of working on the so called chink in the armour, we have decided to go a step back by bringing out the old Wall after 22 months of absence from the ODI format.

Might work in the short run, but how long are we going to defend the young guns?

Time for some seaming, bouncy wickets at the academies?

Of Course we won't use them in home matches, every country has to offer different challenges. But we gotta learn to bat in other conditions too.

Also, SA skittling us for 66 at home or even NZ rolling us over for 78 is not very enjoyable.

Prafs can also be found bowling wides down the leg side at Right Arm Fast


straight point said... more player to hide in the a team filled with fielders who field like 'billionaires'...

pRAFs said...

his catching in the slips has been rather horrible off late,
we cant keep him in the slips for the whole 50 overs either

Gaurav Sethi said...

This is when you want to hear MSD give some honest dope on the selection. Guess he's ok, RP's in.

pRAFs said...

as long as he gets his 'gang' in he doesn't seem to bother, does he?