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Justin Langer's Ashes dossier: Anderson can be a bit of a pussy

by Gaurav Sethi

All that time spent with Hayden’s finally rubbing off. Unlike his mate though, who spits every now and then, Langer’s gone and vomited out an entire Ashes dossier.

Once you read the puke, there are plenty of Langer’s short-arm jabs outside off.

Heck, you can almost see those few paces down the track, that sly look.

In a way it’s good Langer’s written something. Don’t think he ever spoke until that retirement speech, and frankly he’d gone all mush by then.

But deep down, Langer was the sly-fox. Recall that look, that was class. And frankly, going by the collective I.Q. of this Australian side, I’m convinced the Langer dossier won them the match.

In fact, I’m convinced that fire alarm was activated by the dossier. Fiery stuff, I tell you.

But once you read it, you agree with Michael Vaughan, who also agreed with the dossier. But why is Vaughan agreeing with the dossier? Think he’s bitter about not losing the Ashes.

On James Anderson from Herr Dossier – 'he is swing the ball well but again can be a bit of a pussy if worn down'

Now that’s something not only Vaughan, Langer, you and me know, but both Andersen and his Indo-bro, Agrakar do too.

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