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Nothing pleases you more than a dust-biting enemy

by Som

Not offering the metaphorical shoulder to cry on.

Not stretching a consoling arm, metaphorically again, around those grief-stricken shoulders.

Not even a word of sympathy!

Q. "You know Australia has lost the Ashes..."

A: "Congratulations!

Q. "What's your take on that?"

A. "It's always fun to see other teams dominating Australia."

By the way, he reveals, he has not seen much of Ashes.

"I was busy with my new house."

On a more serious note, he said Australia missed McGrath and Warne.

Did they miss Symonds too?

He did not fall for the provocation.

"Symonds, as long as he played, was a very good player. But I think Australia missed McGrath and Warne more than Symonds or even Gilchrist."

Who: Harbhajan Singh
What: Compaq Cup unveiling.
Where: A New Delhi hotel.
When: Monday.

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straight point said...

indeed som...

for once i thought he will say 'drinks are on me...' :)

Som said...

SP, I thought he'll say TMK!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Bhajji can be brilliant without ball in hand.

Som said...

NC, indeed.