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We're All BCC!s

by Krish

But all BCC!s are not the same. There are some BCC!s who, shall we say, are more CC than the rest of us. And so here's a series to celebrate some of them.

Our first BCC! is the NEMOM (Never Ever Missed One Match) BCC! As the name suggests, ever since the NEMOM first tasted the sweetness and sadness of Indian cricket, nothing in the world would prevent him/her from ever missing a single match, or ever admitting that.

Neither classes nor exams at school will stop the NEMOM!

Neither work nor sleep will stop the NEMOM!

Neither load-shedding nor satellite disruptions will stop the NEMOM!

The NEMOM remembers every match, every stroke and every ball ever bowled for the last two decades (since India had TV broadcasts). If the NEMOM is near you, you will never need to fire up Cricinfo because they can tell you the scores and all the mathematical averages that you ever need to know.

Take a bow to the NEMOM!


straight point said...

and what nemom does when he gets bored of cricket...he watches re-play... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

In case of load shedding, pre-gensets, you mean he moves to the transistor? Think we're on to something there - how far will you go to catch a match