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Poetic Justice

by Gaurav Sethi

You can walk in from a night out that’s more like a knight’s tale, and then your high will plateau peacefully, all’s well in the world of imbalanced cricket, Bangladesh had beaten the make-shift West Indies shifty team. Sleep well.

Shakib Al Hasan Man of the Series, but we could have told you that. Just search his name on BCC!, it'll come to you.


Q said...

From taking wickets and scoring runs in losing causes to captaining his country, winning matches, winning series, and man of the series awards..

Now that's taking Shakibbing to the next level!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Boy, is this kid pumped up. And then you see Ashraful, bawdy language!

Husha said...

(This is gonna be such a lame comment, avert your eyes.)

Was originally rooting for the Windies, but awwww the sweet little Bangladeshis have been so persistent & determined, everyone's happy for the jubilant little monkeys.

When Shakib got his awards and forgot to make the speech, probably all the aunties watching must've felt like proud mother hens.
I did.

p.s. as a girl i'm allowed to gush, so shh!!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Husha, think I passed out before that.