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WADA rules: Indian players making an issue out of nothing

by K

Our Indian cricketers should agree to all WADA rules and get on with their life and game.

All sportsmen around the world are adhering to WADA rules only our superstars are finding a problem with it by making lame excuses about their privacy etc.

They must be told (by BCCI & ICC) to fall in line or else suffer the consequences just like Ministry of Civil Aviation did with the private airlines.

In today's world doping is a reality and when there is a mechanism to fight it, why make an issue out of it. I also agree with the harsher punishment theory.

Mohd. Asif should have served a longer term as doping is as bad as match-fixing.


Megha said...

i agree...while i appreciate their privacy concerns, it's not as if WADA/BCCI officials are going to go public with the cricketers' plans and create a security situation...i can see how it can be an inconvinience, but pain no gain, right?

Q said...

Why? Why should the Indian players adhere to the WADA stipulations?

Every single sporting body expressed their reservations about this new stipulation regarding 90-day schedules.. from FIFA to ATP to individuals like Federer and Nadal all had their concerns..

Only the Indian players and the BCCI had the balls to stand up against WADA...

Its an unnecessary stipulation and an unneeded hassle and stress...

I don't understand why WADA even want these schedules..

If they want to test a certain player, they can pick up the phone, call the cricket board, ask them where the players is, go there and test him.

All this can happen within 24 hours in these times of communication and travel. Why the hell do u need to know in advance where the cricketer will be?

Q said...

If I ask u for you 90-day schedule from today with an hour everyday when u will be free, can u give me one? and can u ensure that u will be where u told me u would be without fail?

I certainly cannot.

Will u remember to inform an official if u sway from your schedule?

I would definitely not.

What if ur stuck in an emergency somewhere and can't make contact?

Its pointless!