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Bored Cricket Crazy Girls! Live!

by bored cricket crazy indians

Megha and Leela defied time zones and player loyalties to talk cricket.

Even a bad net connection couldn’t keep them away.

While Megha is a die-hard Dravid fan, Leela lives for MSD.

While Megha arrived on her own, Leela first sent her alter ego.

Between Leela and her double it was agreed that ‘it’s not easy being Leela.’

The Bored Girls talked Mandira Bedi, and how they could do anything to take her place in the IPL.

But don’t take our word for it, check out Bored Cricket Crazy Girls LIVE. Here.


samir said...

Nice idea. Glad to see my cuz is kicking ass!

Megha said...

Glad you liked it bhai! credit to NC and Homer for the idea :)