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Where were you on 21st May, 1997?

by Gaurav Sethi

I was in Manali going downhill as was the Indian cricket team. Saeed Anwar scored 194 painful runs. The only point of interest, can we stop him from his double?

You must realise this was when ODIs still held my interest, and Anwar still held us hostage. I had a strong suspicion Anwar only scored his runs against us. For one, I’m not sure whether he even played other teams.

Then there was the world’s ugliest batsman, Ijaz Ahmed; Mr Grace, Inzi and the marauding Moin. And of course, a pre-pubescent Afridi was also there. Afridi is always there.

I was blessed to be on holiday, and not in the confines of a TV lockup. The updates I gathered were from market radios, and that day the markets crashed.

Rahul Dravid scored a hundred that day, and today, some guy called Charles Coventry clocked 194 again. Incidentally, Dravid also returned to the one-day fold. Is 194 lucky for him or what?


Ankit Poddar said...

i was sitting before my tv, praying that anwar not get to his double, as was most of the indian team!

i don't think my memory will serve me right or what, but wasn't RD the one who caught anwar in the end as well!

and yeah it seems 194 in the cricket world, some how makes things work for RD!

Anonymous said...

i remember that day. This lad played only against us. he denied us the win in Calcutta rioted test of 99 2 yrs later. he scored another hundred in wc 03, but then Sachin was too powerful for him....

that was an awful day for Indian cricket. With CC making a 194*, he has taken away the

194 vs India in Chennai ....

mark against India.