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KhufiaBaaz: Saurav should have scored more IPL runs

by KhufiaBaaz

Rahul has gate-crashed the ODI party! How do you think he did it, boss? Scored all those IPL runs, simple as that. There’s nothing more, nothing less to it, so don’t go around giving me gyaan. Ganguly knew this too, he could have come of retirement had he scored more runs in IPL2. With the blessings of Lalit Modi, any player from any zone can stake his claim to the national side.

It’s still not over for Ganguly and the 2011 World Cup – there’s IPL3, and luckily for him it will be held in India. A good showing there, top of the order, and he could be in the running for 2011, also to be played in the sub-continent. This of course does not mean that VVS Laxman harbour hopes to play the World Cup. For right now he can’t even play in his IPL team.

1 comment:

K said...

I don't think he should make a comeback to international cricket. Should stand by his decision, and leave the game with dignity and grace. If he does comeback it'll be the most foolish decision. He'll get kicked around once again... not worth it.

He speaks well and can do really well as an analyst of the game in Print and TV.

I'll lose respect for him if he tries to make a comeback.