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Why Today's Loss is Good for England

by Krish

It took three Tests, but finally Australia showed their class and destroyed England in three days. But unlike the 5-0 drubbing they had in Australia last time, this is a good thing for England for the following reasons:
  1. They have a respected new captain-coach (Strauss-Flower) pair who are there for the long run and can make the necessary adjustments to learn from this debacle.
  2. People forget that this is the first Test loss for England since their collapse in the second innings of the first match of the West Indies tour. They have come a long way since then.
  3. Bell and Bopara were never going to be England's saviors. It is high time that they are removed via failures by this and let England test newer blood.
  4. Broad makes a small step towards replacing Flintoff as the all-rounder in the team. That helps England play 4 bowlers in addition to him.
  5. If England win the Oval Test, they would have won the series fair and square against an in-form Australian team. No more silly talk of beating a team weakened by whatever.
At the same time, this should not detract from the fact that the Australians are back to their most dangerous form. Except for the Broad-Swann partnership, they hardly put a foot wrong. India and South Africa have their task cut out for them to take the Test crown back.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

Broad + 4 looks like one too many.

Broad strikes me like another Agarkar type lower middle order batsman, he'll score runs in no pressure situations. Not going to impact a game with the bat.

Right now the batting ends with Prior, and you can take Bopara out of that list.