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Will Younis Khan score a hundred today?

by Gaurav Sethi

Six hundreds so far for Younis, with one against Hong Kong. That must have been a Duty Free buy. Then three others against India, definitely Duty paid. One each against England and an erstwhile West Indies team. By now you’ve calculated with Shakuntla Devi swiftness that Younis has not scored a ton against Sri Lanka. So why today? One, he’s still not out. Secondly, more importantly, I woke up with a hunch. McCallan often does this to you. Ask the bell boy at Notre Dame.

While one of YK’s tons was preceded by two ducks, it’s not a trend - low or no scores do not usually lead to a YK hundred. Then what does? OK, Rameez Raja is on, I'm off for laughter therapy.

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