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Zim and Zaks

by Gaurav Sethi

I finally watched Zimbabwe play. There was more integrity to them than the West Indies Z side. For one, it’s tough to recall what political mush they’re in, there’s a liberal sprinkling of dark and white skin, they look like a UN peacekeeping side.

So they look ok. But actually they aren’t because former keeper captain Taibu isn’t there. Nor is Andy Flower or Henry Olonga.

Btw wasn’t Olonga the first bowler to make Zaheer feel like a batsman? And wasn’t Zim the first team to make Zaks feel like a bowler – who can forget those yorkers, how they zoned in on those little Zim feet.

Which begs the question, for Zaheer to make a strong comeback, what does he need 1) County cricket 2) Zimbabwe 3) Lesser bowlers to team up with

Btw who was the first black cricketer to play internationals for Zimbabwe? And no, it wasn't a Flower child. Happy Woodstock 40th Anniversary. Here's to independence.

1 comment:

pRAFs said...

somehow, watching zim makes me feel better after the WI-Bang series
one more innings from Travis Dowlin, and i'd have given up cicket for the rest of my life.