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Bored Boy: Samaraweera the bullet

by Gaurav Sethi

I can’t wait for Samara to smash his first ODI six, obviously, neither can he. If you saw the ugly, cross-batted mistimed heave aimed at mid-wicket that landed at third man, and then landed him in the dressing room, you know desperation.

That shot against SA was clearly against the grain. Samara had already done the laundry and dirty work – he had shown patience, stalled a collapse that the lower middle order Lankans are prone to, be it in T20 or ODIs.

But there is a time when a man runs out of patience. After being shot, there’s one thing Samara knows, life is short, enjoy. But being a test batsman he also knows how to bore the hell out of you.

At that point, Samara’s two worlds collided, as did his bat and brain, the urge to hit his first ODI six clearly won over. Here’s to an ugly slog today. May it go for six.

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