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Cricket connection to Indian triumph in F1 and Football

by K

It's been a great week for Indian sport. First a second-place finish for Force India at the Belgian Grand Prix and then the win at the Nehru Cup football after a tense penalty shoot-out against Syria.

Interestingly, there is a cricket connection to both these triumphs. As far as Force India is concerned, it is owned by the same man (Vijay Mallya) who owns the Bangalore Royal Challengers IPL team. As for the Indian football team, the BCCI recently announced a grant for the All India Football Federation in pursuance of its latest policy to support other Indian sports.

However, no cricket connection to Sania and Somdev Devvarman's first round wins at the US Open.

Bharat ke taare bulandi par lag rahe hain... For all you know the Indian cricket team might also have a good start to the season as the stars seem to be favouring Indian sport at the moment.


straight point said...

k...for all the hoopla about F1 i fail to understand the media frenzy as well as you for branding it as indian win...?

just coz it was funded by an indian...?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Indian cricketers will have to do well, they're the only ones playing in the Corporate Tournament.

Unless it's a collective failure, all out for no less kinda thing

K said...

Funding is everything brother. No team without funding. We always celebrate the achievements of Indian enterpreneurs. So why not this one.

straight point said...

exactly K...ita an achievement of indian enterprepour...not indian sports...

thats what i put it in right prespective... :)

K said...

Our Indian soldiers have won many wars for the Goras including the World War II battles in South East Asia. These victories were hailed as British victories. It's now pay back time. The soldiers are Goras (Fisichella & Sutil) and the General is an Indian. Fisichella and Sutil sport the tricolour as their uniform and had Fisi won, we would not only have heard his national anthem but also Jana Gana Mana LIVE from Belgium.