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Dangling Conversations

by bored cricket crazy indians

DKNY: RahulBhaiDoYouLikeToKeepWickets

RDX: NoButIHadToDoIt

DKNY: MeNeitherDoYouLikeToOpenTheBattingRahulBhai

RDX: NoButIhadToDoIt

DKNY: MeNeitherAndDoYouLikeToBeAFloaterInTheMiddleOrderRahulBhai

RDX: NoButIHadToDoIt

DKNY: MeNeitherAndDoYouLikeToBeDroppedFromTheTeamRahulBhai


If anything at all, what do you think the two said to each other when DK (2nd slip) dropped RD's (1st slip) catch? And what about when RD (1st slip) caught one when DK was keeper?


achettup said...

if only you could add the irritating bleat to all those questions NC! Hilarious....

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Right now , cudn't care less.
This poor lot couldn't get a berth in the let's be kind and give them a wide one shall we :-)