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Dumb and Dumber

by Homer

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has written to the Indian government and asked whether it backs the BCCI's stand against the 'whereabouts' clause in the amended anti-dope code.
Which begs the question - Dont the babus at WADA know that the BCCI is not a quasi governmental agency dependent on the GoI for its upkeep?

If the WADA needed clarity on the BCCI position, shouldn't it have spoken to the BCCI directly? Or, if clarity was required on how Cricket as a sport reacted to the WADA stipulations, shouldnt this missive have gone to the ICC?

What exactly is the Government of India's locus standi in the entire matter?

And, extending the WADA logic, should the BCCI be writing to the Government of Canda seeking clarity on the various sub clauses related to doping?

After all, the WADA is headquartered in Canada!

What this proves once again is that the WADA is a bloody bureaucracy not amenable to reason. All the more reason why the BCCI should not sign up for the whereabouts clause.


Prabu said...

FYI Homer

Homer said...

Thanks much Prabu.. Another poke in the eye of the bureaucracy .. Me likey :)


Purna said...

You learn something new everday. Where in Canada is WADA located Homer? I will knock them down.

Homer said...



World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
Stock Exchange Tower
800 Place Victoria (Suite 1700)
P.O. Box 120
Montreal (Quebec) H4Z 1B7


Anonymous said...

It makes all the sense to not go for WADA after all this.

Make this WADAs out of the game for all the sanity of the game.

*Arm Ball*

Homer said...

Its just daft how the babulog work Sam.. Babulog everywhere are the same :)


Purna said...

Montreal eh? Well you'll have to give me till Christmas then. I don't live there.

Sam *Arm Ball*

adverbin said...

It is an implied threat that they will ensure a ban on all Indian participation in the Olympics if the BCCI fail to bow to them.

straight point said...

may be they want to prepare in advance if the things go to the level of court and want to present GoIs opinion against bcci... otherwise i can't see any other motive behind this move...

tho that doesn't imply i am supporting them coz my stance on wada is clear from day one... they want to 'show' doing right things rather than doing the right things...

Homer said...


The USTA is a WADA signatory.The MLB is not ( despite all the recent scandal involving steroids and growth hormones).I havent seen one news report where WADA has written to the US Govt to confirm that it ( the US Govt) confirms the MLB's stand.

They can threaten all they want, at the end of the day they have no jurisdiction preventing a sovereign nation from participating in an international meet.


Homer said...


Wasnt consenting to the WADA voluntary?

I am just amazed that they are so thick headed as to not address the BCCI's concerns. Running roughshod over genuine concerns is hardly the way to ensure compliance :)


Sujan Rao said...

It was disgusting to see Indian players crying foul over WADA rules when almost all other Countries/Sportsperson did sign the thing.

Now WADA's approach is much more disgusting. What a shame :(

scorpicity said...

Drug testing ain't cheap. It is a bloody huge business racket. So there is much at stake for WADA too here, that they are pushing buttons.

Unfortunately, this communication of theirs confirms it.