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And now BCCI goes on an ‘austerity drive’

by bored cricket crazy indians

Taking a cue from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s austerity drive, the BCCI has declared its own cut-backs. While this may not mean Rahul-style train travel for the Board mandarins, there are various cost cutting measures in the offing.

From now on the team’s entourage will limit itself to the coach.

According to one Board official, “Straight away you cut travel and hotel costs on 5-6 persons, the savings will be huge. Anyway, what does the assistant coach, fielding coach, masseur or manager accomplish?”

A more drastic measure is limiting the team to eleven players. Previously up to 14 players made the team, now the 12th man duties will be fulfilled by the coach – change of gloves, carrying drinks etc. A deadpan Dravid, looking from behind his book declared, much to Sachin's discomfort, “the coach will be our Man Friday” And Bhajji snapped, “but he will be available on all days!”

It is not confirmed, but BCCI may soon cancel all foreign tours and focus on local tournaments instead. “Foreign teams are welcome, but we will first look to harness local talent” said another Board Official.

There is also talk of a clandestine meeting with the PCB officials; the BCCI wants to examine how Pakistani cricket stayed afloat without playing any cricket. Not playing cricket could considerably lower costs according to some sources.

1 comment:

Sujan Rao said...

Very nicely written :D

Laloo would soon come up with a railway yearly pass offer to the BCCI..