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Fully fit Banglas for injury ridden Indians.

by bored cricket crazy indians

An earlier recommendation that the West Indies be replaced by Bangladesh fell on deaf ears. However after a spate of injuries to key Indian players, including Zaheer Khan, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, and only today to Yuvraj Singh, we strongly recommend Bangladesh take the place of this depleted Indian side.

Sachin Tendulkar though fit, is always game for injury, and MS Dhoni's back will do Quasimodo proud.

Meanwhile Virat Kohli replaces the injured Yuvraj Singh. When contacted, Kohli said that he could never replace Yuvraj. For some reason, the BCCI is still sending Kohli to South Africa.

Earlier this month, Virat Kohli replaced Gautam Gambhir in Sri Lanka. When contacted, Kohli said that he could never replace Gambhir.


Purna said...

If you send me the proposal in writing I can make it happen.

Aditya said...

The Banglas also arent fully fit more than 50% of their team is injured: last time i checked Shakib and Mortaza were out!

i recommend the Irish! after all they defeat a fully fit bangla team with ease!

Purna said...

Aditya, haven't you heard? T20s are to make Americans believe we care about them watching cricket. They don't mean anything.

Mortaza will be back soon and Shakib's prognosis is still not clear.
I'm loving this CT. No KP and now no Yuvi. Now all we need to do is injure Swann and Broad and I'll watch every match with pleasure.

Reverse Swing said...

come keep faith India still got depth and whatever happen Pak vs India match going to be a cracker.

I don't think is too weak without Yuvi and Veru they still had that in them.