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Viru, the straightforward

by Homer

"In Ranji trophy selection, it has often happened that 4 selectors get together & vote for 'their' players, leaving the chairman of the committee and me defeated. Especially when I am on national duty, they put pressure on the stand-in captains and the interference becomes more rampant. This manipulation has been going on for many years. What is the point in continuing to play for such an association where there is so much corruption."
"My fight is against the system. You have to change the system and put some good people who can look after the cricket. Lots of players are playing for India from Delhi. That is one good thing. Delhi has so much talent but talented players are not playing in Under-19 level. That's why I raised this issue,"
"I don't want to be a captain, I have already told selectors about it. I have said that a new player should be made vice-captain and be groomed to be a captain,"
"All I had said was that I didn't want to be vice-captain of the Indian team and that it should go to a younger player who can be groomed as captain for years to come. But if an opportunity arises and the team needs it, I can lead the side,"


However sources said that DDCA teams will be picked from the same pool of players that will be finalised after the trials. And here lies the tiff.
The sports committee was pushing for axed players saying players who had represented Delhi in the age-group teams, merit a direct call-up for the trials and camps. But the selectors overlooked it and picked the team based on their performances in the DDCA league. “It’s an old ruling that is in place since the time the sports committee was first set up. We are not pushing for somebody’s selection. These players have to be called up as per the rules,” a sports committee member said on the condition of anonymity.

However, Chetan Chauhan brushed aside the notion that the committee was unnecessarily raising an issue. “We selectors want to have a look at the players who are a part of the camp and those who weren’t picked. That’s why the trials are being held. So, holding the trials isn’t an issue at all,” he told Sportline on Monday. The decision to call the remaining few for the trials was taken at the meeting held at the residence of DDCA general secretary Sneh Bansal.
However, if the sports committee’s wishes prevailed the whole idea of selecting the best team gets nullified. As it is, questions have been raised on the selection of players like Dilraj Atwal, who hasn’t played for the last two years and Nitin Kumar, who doesn’t clear the league criteria after having only scored 112 runs in this year.

New additions (U-22): Luv Sehrawat, Gaurav Jhangra, Pawan Chauhan - who represented DDCA's u-22 last year and Vineet Dahiya (u-19) last year; U-19: Manik Tandon, Vaibhav Rawal, Kartik Abi (U-19 last year); Dheeraj Yadav, Kailash Sharma, Ketan Panwar, Akash Verma, Tapan Seria and Bhaskar Sharma (cleared DDCA League criteria)

Delhi selectors are known to throw up surprise inclusions for inconsequential matches. But what happened before the U-19 Cooch Behar match against Kerala last week takes the cake. After qualifying for the semi-finals with four wins in a row, the Delhi selectors played five players — Abhishek Kapoor, Varun Sood, A Jain, Vineet Dahiya and Mahir Sharma — who were not part of the original squad in the match against Kerala. As a result, they lost and conceded a bonus point. The reason put forward for these bizarre selections was that the team management wanted to try out new faces. But the truth is, they were played under instructions from the sports committee, headed by Vinod Tihara.
Coach Mahesh Bhati brushed aside all suggestions of favouritism, saying: “Four players were sent back and so these boys were played.”

Yeah, its like that!

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