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Gambhir refuses to play without Sehwag.

by bored cricket crazy indians

One has a shoulder injury so the other picked a groin injury. Gambhir is coming back, back to Delhi, back to where his heart is, back to Jatman.

Now if only there where two Tendulkars, both could have opened the innings. But as has been often said, there is only one Sachin Tendulkar.

The two wannabe Sachins are out of order: One Jatman, the other Rohit Sharma. Being like Sachin can hurt.

So what does that leave us with: Yusuf Pathan to open the innings, and even though this is no T20 World Cup, what the hell, let's make the Compaq Cup less geeky.

All for Yusuf on top, for one, when he pulls it off, he'll have a rare opportunity to Thank You Sachin!

Chances are Dravid could open too, though personally I'd like to see him keep wickets again.

Then again, the selectors could announce a replacement. Surely Badrinath can't make it to Lanka again? Strong chance it will be Virat Kohli, one dilliwallah for another - capital punishment.

Or who knows, Dinesh Karthik DKNY, who also plays for the Daredevils, and opened with elan in the Windies, versus Gayle's A team no less.

Finally some life to the tri-series, and India's only just had a net.


Som said...

Virat Kohli it is. Times Now goofed it up once again.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ok, will remove Murali Vijay update.

It should be Virat, but there's talk of him shouldering injury with Rohit, both in rehab

straight point said...

som how he got the injury...any idea...

was it that stupid warm-up team does so often these days... ?

Ankit Poddar said...

the nets are done, and already excitement!

may be that is why BCSL calls indian odi team every 6-8 months!

Poshin_david said...

True love.........(Sehwag and Gambhir)......Just wonder how Sachin took it??

scorpicity said...

It is the second time he is coming back from tour right with an injury in Sehwag's absence.

There was a post here sometime back on viru-gati.

Virat should be on. Though DK might open.