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Dinesh Karthik: DKNY

by Gaurav Sethi

Do not learn too much English, boy, they will hold it against you in some circles. Dinesh Karthik aka DK speaks fast, not quite Martin Scorsese but there’s a bit of New York in him. Just as there’s more than a bit of Dilli in Jatman.

Too bad he was Greg Chappell’s favourite boy. It’s possible he was the only one who understood GC, could be GC only understood him.

But the team needs a wicketkeeper not a dictionary. MSD fits into that role, and any attempt that DK made at make-shift keeping was just that.

I think it was to do with MSD’s looming aura over the makeshift keepers – jaws’ drop, catches drop, they bleed drop by drop. It’s far worse for little Patel, more MSD at CSK, what could possibly be worse?

But not so for DKNY. He was abroad, away, playing for Delhi, with the daredevils, he could be one too. And it is here that he finally expressed himself, as Ian Bishop would say.

Among the Indians, he was the best batsman in IPL2 for Delhi. Keeping wasn’t bad either, else it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

Then you remember, the kid can bat, you actually enjoy his play. He’s not tangled, not with the footwork or the mental webbing. Then you recall, DK won you the first T20 international. He opened in tests with élan.

Credit must go to Jatman, he captained DKNY. In a way only he can, he grounded DK with India, with New Delhi. So in a way, even before he became India’s again, DKNY became DKND.

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Anonymous said...

i see a strange irony in Sehwag and Karthik. since 2006 SA tour, DK pounced upon the opener slot continued in it for a year untill pakistan series 2007. kicked out sehwag. in australian tour got kicked out by sehwag. got so hard a kick that he was thrown out of the team only to return when MS opted out n he screwed up his chance....

and then in ipl got captained by the same man Sehwag :)

bahut gehra yarana hai :P

adverbin said...

DK instead of VK (Virat Kohli) doe not make sense to me. VK was made into a stop gap ODI opener and he did well too. He has been displaying good form of late. Still when Sehwag is out of the team due to injury, he is ignored. I wonder what else he should do to prove his credentials.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sam, playing for Sehwag, Karthik looks like one happy camper. Think we're seeing that with a lotta DDD players now - Dilshan, AB, Warner, you name it.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Adverbin, IPL form, IPL runs, that's what VK needs. That's what's got DK in.

Doubt even the selectors watched the emerging players' tournament where VK shone, rest of India certainly did not. But they watched the IPL.

If you go by popular evidence, DK's choice appears almost logical. My gut says it's a good one, and you can never rule out the backup keeper reason. He still may not play all games, but he will get a few. Think DK can almost taste success now, and does he like it.