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I am the Champion.

by Bored Guest

Well, India plays Pakistan in the Champions Trophy. It's hard to imagine an India Pakistan match without Zeenat Aman and me in it. It just lacks all passion and intensity, without Zeenat swinging and me seaming. It's hard to imagine a Champion's Trophy without me in it. If I was there it would have been just the Champion trophy since I would have stood head and shoulders above everybody else. Do I have any advice for Younis Khan, yes I do, but I'm not going to give it since he hasn't asked me for it. But I can't resist, Younis try not to speak before a match, in fact try not to speak after a match either. It'll help the team. Again, all I can say it's hard to imagine an Indo-Pak match without me and Zeenat.

by Mohit Varma

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