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If Murali can, Bhajji must.

by Gaurav Sethi

If you believe Sanga, then Murali went up to him and asked to be left out for today’s game against New Zealand. That’s right, don’t pick me skip, pick a seamer instead. He didn’t even ask to be picked instead of Mendis.

While comparing Murali’s spell with Bhajji’s isn’t doable (nothing compares to Bhajji) – let’s try, Murali 10-0-60-1, Bhajji 10-0-71-0. While Murali’s was against England, shame on him, Bhajji’s was against himself, though the other team was Pak.

Murali bowled his share of Bhajji balls, down leg, but Bhajji even bowled his share of Agarkar, Tino Best balls. Clearly the car dealership is a better option, but MS must have his driving buddies around.

Y’kno Bhajji is a great bowler, it’s just the bowling alley is in Gurgaon, boss. Ok, cheap one, but you have to get across to Bhajji.

Drop him, not just for the next game, but the Australia series too. He must know what a slap on the face feels like.

Anybody seen Amit Mishra? He’s so small, often goes unnoticed.

PS: How do you spell Muralitharan


scorpicity said...

He is so small :)

Sujan Rao said...

Awesome man... GS wonderful article.

Tino Best, Agarkar.. LMAO :)