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India should not play Pakistan.

by Gaurav Sethi

Both teams are fragile. They could hurt each other on the field – a bad bounce, a full blooded shot, you never know what may happen to those delicate fingers.

It’s one thing to field a team, quite another for the team to field.

In preparation for Saturday’s clash, senior batsmen on both sides worked on their calling with their designated runners. Dravid was seen running for Tendulkar, and at times even for himself.

Yousuf refused to turn up for his runner, citing some batsmen friendly policies at the ICL. He then put Saeed Anwar on speaker phone to defend his case.

The team proceeded to watch videos of Anwar’s runners. Pak’s strategy was chalked out: Once the opener gets his eye in, he should get his runner in.

Younis and Yuvraj objected to jokes that went like, “what’s your favourite vegetable – lady’s finger!” While Younis claimed to be a strict carnivore, Yuvraj said, “huh?”

Fitness drills were called off, and both teams’ coaches were extra cautious, placing signs like ‘Wet Floor” alongside the swimming pool.

After Gambhir’s injury, some of the players have learnt the meaning of “groin”, it is a big joke – “where are you groin, yaar” has been a staple over the last few days.

Elsewhere Sehwag and Zaheer are keen to lift the TV remote, to prove their fitness for the big game.


straight point said...

gary has sent sos to both zaheer and sehwag to avoid the 'stunt'... they might heart their (lady)finger by pushing buttons of remote...

Gaurav Sethi said...

More than remote control, Jatman needs emote control.

John said...