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India v Pakistan v Demons v Angels (Live + Dead)

by bored cricket crazy indians

I once met an astrologer who never watched India-Pakistan matches: He knew the outcome. It would end in despair. The astrologer was born in pre-partition Lahore, but post 1947, he crossed over to Lucknow. There’s a bit of the astrologer in most Indians and Pakistanis.

Pak win the toss, MSD looks shifty at the toss, no wonder he had his hands tied behind. No Amit Mishra - if India don't play him today, they never will in an ODI.

Bored question: How many times did you hear DRY in the pre-match talk - 1)10 2)7 3)6 And how many times did you hear 'Nightmare for seamers', 'the sun is beating down' and 'there are cracks' too?

Aside: It's been close to 7 years since Mishra made his debut and played his last ODI.

An African sings the national anthem. Elsewhere Misbah sings in the bathroom.

Game begins, a close run out call, Raina-Kohli get mildly physical.

Regardless of what happens later, RP will not make my final eleven. He won't make my final DC eleven. Paging Praveen Kumar. (oh right, that warm-up game)

Ok, wrong tweet on NakedCricket: "Can almost see him playing across and getn bowled now" - Imran Nazir holds out instead

And I'm still thinking: Why wouldn't you play Amit Mishra? Another four, Ishant takes over from where RP left.

When will MSD bring on spin: When Ishant+RP go for 50 of 5

MSD won't read this, but you can

That was Kamran Akmal playing on, with shots like that agriculture will get a new fillip in the region

RP's back and so are we. That one over had more in it than the last many by ishnat+nehra - dropped catch, wide ball, misfield

That doesn't seem right: RP Singh takes a wicket. Shit happens. So does RP.

Younis Khan and his broken finger take our leave. (and here's some light reading - Younis Khan sets off the bullshit detector)

MoYo, the frowning face of the ICL is back. Let's welcome him with a bouncer.

MoYo's innings will define this Pak innings. And also ICL's standing in world cricket.

Been a dull passage of play, then the passage through India - RP misfields, 2 becomes 4, and we're all laughing again. Clearly he's a Deccan Uncharger.

Bhajji bowling like a nervous drama queen, too bad he can't bite his nails while darting it in.

Bored Question: where will MSD hide those remaining Bhajji overs

MS should have bowled Yusuf through, change of ends may not work - instead, he should have changed Bhajji's end, if he intends to get his 7 overs in.

There you go, first four off Yusuf's bowling, MS has had no feel for this game, even less for his bowlers.

Look out for the Paki spinners: they will bowl an off or middle stump line, not like Bhajji way outside off, or outside leg. Can see some LBWs, bowled dismissals coming up. In the second innings.

8 overs to go: Pak will have to bat as badly as India have bowled to lose it from here.

MSD's throw, a pointer to how off target he and the bowlers have been today

May sound funny, but only the batting power play can save India now

Sanjay Manjrekar: His Lordship, Bhajji doesn't know how to bowl full. He's just full of himself.

Sit back, and enjoy the master class: If this is the Batting Power Play, then what was that for the last 30 overs. Misnomers.

Ravi Shastri: Up the ante, find something new.

Like I said earlier, only a power play could buy India a wicket. (Aside: yeah, you're such a know it all)

A trademark Bhajji wide, followed by a fluke: A wicket. Thankfully the cameras panned away, else we would've had to suffer a trademark Bhajji celebration.

Target: 303

Bhajji, RP and MS tried for a few more, but 303 is all they could give the Pakis. Bhajji bowled 8 overs too many, Kohli one extra one, and Raina none. Also, Mishra didn't bowl any, but then he wasn't picked.

India's middle overs aka the middle age overs

And when will RDX hit his next four: Oh, don't be impatient, a freehit is just round the corner

Boy, this is a long match. It's just gone into 27/9/09 - One day cricket my foot, call it Two day cricket. Today.

That SIX from Raina gives the Indian reply new purpose. If the game were to finish in the next six balls, that SIX, you will remember.

First Afridi for MSD, and now Ajmal for Raina: Watch them appeal, India. They don't appeal, they beg, demand, want. At best India's appeals were belated.

Don't think I'll waste a word on Yusuf Pathan, but you can check him out here. That pretty much sums it up.

India live in hope that the 7th batsman/allrounder will pull off a stunning win. The team selection is based on this false hope, and we're getn into a loop here: Amit Mishra again is it?

While he was sleeping, RDX hit a four, and it wasn't even a free hit. In the background Bod Dylan sings, the times are a changing...

It's a thankless job being Rahul Dravid, damned if you, damned if you don't. Dravid has become a cliche, nobody understands him. The cramps could earn him a rest for the next few games. Who will rememeber this innings?

RP gone, hopefully for a while: When did you ever see MoYo slide and take a catch - the ICL does strange things to strange people.

Now for some studied fwd defence from Ishant. If only he could be half as copybook with the bowling.

Ishant gone...And now the ICL's Rana Naved doing them so proud they want him back

Yet again the batting power play strikes. Don't take cocaine if you can't handle it guys.

Befitting end, Bhajji on the reverse sweep, bowled. Thought he was playing his own bowling. Always the wrong line.


Manoj said...

Don't agree, playing Mishra would have upset the team balance. India needs allrounders, Mishra is not an allrounder.

straight point said...

agree with you manoj... all the bowlers bowling today are allrounders who can step in any team with their batting alone...

Megha said...

no Mishra and Sriram Veera (cricinfo) saying that Nehra is bowling better than RP Singh..what is happening??

Gaurav Sethi said...

Manoj, even now, there is no team balance. And Yusuf Pathan is far from an allrounder.

Megha, honestly, cricinfo

Ankit Poddar said...

great idea, this one guys!!

You(a)nus and his broken finger story! Ach's post on it, deserves to be linked here friends!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ankit, done.

Manoj said...

NC: 12 runs of 4 overs. For a part time bowler that's not bad at all.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Jesus , what just happened...i stepped out on an errand for like 20 minutes n came back to find a different match : 9.2 RPO in the last 5 overs ??? 'we'll have to bat out of our skins chasing this now ...

Mahek said...

So why is it a surprise to see Nehra bowl better than RP? Even Americans know that to be a universal truth.

Can someone please tell Dhoni it's better to have Mishra return 3-50 and score 10 runs than Harbhajan return 1-60 and score 20? Jeez FUCKIN' Christ I'm sick of seeing that asshole screw up our middle overs game after game.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sure Manoj.

BK, what can I say, it's all been said.

Mahek, Bhajji's ass is backed by more ads. As is Ishant's, and as for RP, he is in the family.

Aditya said...

in Dhaka it was in between mid on and mid wicket don't know what that area is specifically called! (somebody help me here!)

and today it was backward of square region from first slip to backward point! and Dhoni did not have a fielder there the whole time when the spinners were bowling ..instead of protecting the boundaries he was saving them from getting easy singles!!!

and why the hell wasn't Raina bowling today even Sachin could have rolled his arm over!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Aditya, MS is a mule, has preset notions, sticks to them - playing RP, bowling Kohli for that 3rd over, Bhajji cmg on way after the 20th, all part of some plan. As was Bhajji bowling the power play.

Bhaskar Khaund said...


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Preferably not Dravid though :-(

Damn....what a bloody lousy way to end pure brilliance

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, esp with the freehit charity gng around.

Looked to me Gambhir was finding a way to get out - too friggin intense, jatman gotta sit him down, change his nappies

Bhaskar Khaund said...

I'm trying to take a more philosophical view of the thing...hmm.Right , coffee break over

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Taking a non philosophical view - say , why not send a harbhajan in to try and throw his bat around and clobber everything in sight ? if it works , it'll work great , if it doesn't what do u lose as long as he doesnt hang around eating deliveries w/o scoring ...what say folks ?

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Another rule of copybook cricket : you do not put away free-hit balls for runs. Bet u didn't know that !

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, Bhajji's in a tad late by yr estimation

Aditya said...

Bhajji sure has turned the match around and i am not happy about the turn!!!

Reverse Swing said...

excuze me where is every one now? No more comments no more posts. come on guys thats not the end, still there are two matches and some chances to make it to semis right? oh yes but no more Pak vs India may be till final :)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Reverse : "where is everyone now ?" comment at 4:52 AM ? Hmm, would "sleeping" sound far fetched ? :-)