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Is India fresh or rusty?

by Gaurav Sethi

MSDspeak: If you lose the first game you are rusty and if you win the first game you are fresh. I am really not worried about what people will say about us whether we are rusty or fresh because if you want to make a judgement, it should be made before the result. If some one who makes a result today saying we are fresh or rusty. I will appreciate that.

India is fresh, not fresh as a daisy, not farm fresh, but fresh like a babe on her fiftieth first date. Top that the fans are fresh too.

A quick take on a player-by-player Fresh/Rusty:

Sachin Tendulkar: NA but Rusty

Dinesh Karthik: Fresh

Rahul Dravid: Fresh

Suresh Raina: Fresh

Yuvraj Singh: Rusty

MS Dhoni: Fresh

Yusuf Pathan: Rusty

Harbhajan: Fresh

Praveen Kumar: Fresh

Ishant Sharma: Rusty

Ashish Nehra: Fresh

MSD - this was done way before today's match. If you lose, play in a refrigerator. Stay fresh that way.


straight point said...

rahul as fresh as girl on fiftieth date... as you said...

raina - definitely rusty the way he played in corporate trophy specially early in his innings... in every innings...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Raina got starts, if anything he's too fresh, so ripe nearly falling off

Som said...

Was it MSD or a sabjiwala impersonating him?