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What is it about Shane Bond

by Krish

Gaurav saw a post of mine and asked what makes Bond one of my favorite players. Well, first, I always had a thing for right-arm fast bowlers because I started playing cricket as a fast bowler. During those early days, I couldn't even hold a bat properly, so I am more inclined towards those bowlers who are genuine tailenders.

Allan Donald, Curtly Ambrose (though he batted left), Glenn McGrath, etc.

I am not so hot about left-arm fast bowlers. I am not sure why. Maybe because I cannot visualize using that bowling action. Obviously, there are quite a few great bowlers like Wasim Akram in that list.

What also attracts me about Bond and nowadays Vettori is that they are great players in a mediocre team and are one reason why New Zealand is even competitive in cricket today.

Andy Flower was another such person, boasting a 50 average in the worst Test-playing team, which means that he never got free runs for playing against Zimbabwe, unlike some present Test players I know.


pRAFs said...

thing for fast bowlers eh?
looks like i've found a groupie(only in the blogging sense)!

Som said...

Bond has a clear action and I like cops who are man of (clear) action.

straight point said...

bond always has special liking of our batsmen... lets see how it goes today...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Krish, what about the wincing? Not very winsome is it?

Sriram Dayanand said...

Another thing which attracts one to Bond is his flawless bowling action. I remember Shastri pointedly making a remark about it during the 2003 WCup - at a time when tehre were murmurs and whispers about Lee and Akhtar's actions.

Bond is a personal favourite of mine also. Thrilled that he is back.