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by bored cricket crazy indians

Here's what Mahendera Singh Dhoni aka MSD has to say about Dinesh Karthik aka DKNY when asked about Sehwag's and Gambhir's absence:

Dinesh Karthik will open tomorrow because he is doing well in the net sessions also and we do not have a replacement.right now.

Dinesh has done that job in west indies also and also in test series he has done well for us. Definitely in tomorrow’s game we can say Dinesh Karthik will open

And here's what he said when asked about Virat Kohli:

We will see how Dinesh does in series. I think it is unfair to give an individual just one game to prove himself. If you see Virat Kohli, personally I feel he is not an opening batsman. Last time when we came here. I believe when Sehwag got injured during a practice session and Virat had to open and he did very well for us. But it is unfair to just push a newcomer for a role.

I would prefer Dinesh to open and give an opportunity to Virat Kohli where he fits and he has most chances of performing and where he can really fill in the space in the side.. This is a very short series. Let us see who it goes.

Press Trust of India aka PTI

If DKNY becomes a team India regular under MSD’s captaincy, we can all eat our words. DKNY, before he became fashionable was just Dinesh Karthik or DK, and looked upon more as a dropper than a keeper.

Forgotten was the scattered success, gone were the good times under GC. What you had was the perception of a weak threat to MSD, another out of favour player. During the few breaks that DK got, he didn’t do himself many favours.

Then came the IPL, DK became DKNY. Next, a break in the Windies, opening, a super 67 followed by a foxy 47. And now a chance to open with Sachin Tendulkar.

For his own good, hope the kid knows his lines and whom to thank if he scores big. Repeat after me: Thank You Sachin aka SRT!


raj said...

Lovely, in other words. Msd is saying
"I want to protect kohli and throw dk to the wolves; "
Nice job, msd. Play favourites.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Raj, opening in ODIs could change DK's cricketing life. The kid's got some form, just gotta cash in.