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Saving McCullum's Privates

by Gaurav Sethi

In a previous post here, on the brothers, Brendon and Nathan McCullum:

Brendon McCullum's IPL form continues:
9 of 9 balls.Where is your family when you need them - Bring in big brother Nathan.
Form is relative.

(This was during the first T20)

Now, during the 2nd T20 what do the Kiwis do - bring in big brother Nathan to watch over li'l boy Brendon.

While Nathan is no tattoo artist, he still knows what Brendon needs. Family on the field.

Brendon scored 49/34 balls. All this while Nathan was watching closely on the laptop.

And then Nathan bowled, 2/18. They may not be your everyday Indian joint family, but they're close enough.

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