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We announce Sanath Jayasuriya’s retirement.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Not long ago, Jayasuriya announced his retirement from test cricket. Usually that means, ‘I’m trying to extend my limited overs’ career’. Chaminda Vaas retired from test cricket recently but wasn’t picked for the shorter version. Muralitharan announced a retirement plan. Flintoff, let’s not get started on him.

Look around, it’s tough to keep tabs on who’s retired from what form. Jayasuriya still plays IPL, ODIs, T20 internationals. He was dropped from his Mumbai Indians team, not that it helped them much. He just played two T20s for Lanka, not that it helped them much.

The twin single digit scores aside, why is he still playing – to bowl his four overs, pick a couple of wickets. Is his re-emergence planned on the lines of Shahid Afridi? In that case should he become a bowling all-rounder who bats in the middle order? Who knows, by next year’s T20 World Cup he could be set like Shahid.

Clearly Jaysuriya is jaded, just as we’re jaded watching him play. The sole purpose of this prolonged career could be 1) marvel at a forty-year-olds fitness 2) live in the golden era of the 90s. 3) Keep new talent on hold

Jayasuriya’s career can go on forever. He could still make another comeback in the ODIs, there’s old favourites India, after all. While they’re at it, they can reunite him with a not-so young Kalu. And then Kalu can retire as Kambli did - and we’ll say, but how did he retire if he wasn’t playing? Who knows, maybe Kalu has already retired.

But not Sanath. His retirement can wait, while the Warnapuras of Sri Lankan cricket are told to hang on – and ultimately hang themselves waiting for that illusive break.


Goutham Chakravarthi L S said...

From Kalu, you made it Kallu!! It was hilarious nonetheless!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Goutham, my mistake, dropped the extra L. Cheers.

straight point said...

some retirements take many more hangings (of hopefuls) and this retirement is just that case...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yeah, by the time Sanath is thru, they all be well hung

Thiru Cumaran said...

Yes, NC, that's the scary part! Sanath is just sitting around because it is part of the south - asian mentality, whereby you stay till selectors drop you. Sanga, though he had the balls to drop Vaas, isn't able to drop Sanath.

Because of this, whoever happens to open when Sanath is not around doesn't bat well because they know that they will be replaced by Sanath! I'm sure that someone like Udawatte or Warnapura would do really well with Dilshan if they are given a longer run as an opener.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Guess it's all too do with personalities ; the flamboyant Jayasurya is anything but , er , retiring ? ;-)

Sujan Rao said...

Sanath Still has it in him, as Sanga told the other day ( the team management will be patient with the 40-year-old till he gets back to form, whenever that will happen.

I would expect crackers when Sri Lanka meets India this week.

Come on Sana. all the best from an Indian ;)

Gaurav Sethi said...

CT, I'm with you on -

'whoever happens to open when Sanath is not around doesn't bat well because they know that they will be replaced by Sanath! '

For years, a lotta makeshift ODI openers must have felt that with Sachin, esp in the 2000s. Even now, in spite of the Sehwag-Gambhir opening form, one makes way for Sachin.

Stir crazy.

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, it's the weight of the 1996 World Cup personality. National Icons aren't dropped.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Sujan,
I'm not gonna argue with a diehard Sanath Jayasuriya fan, good luck.

Sujan Rao said...

Hi NC,

To say the truth, we're not jaded to watch him play. Yes agree that he has faded, just like every cricketer goes through a lean patch. I even feel a lighter bat would help him.

He has been an attacking batsman all his career, Any batsman who has been groomed as a hard hitter will find it difficult to live upto his reputation.

You cant take out cricket form this guys life. Im sure he will gain form and give a fitting repy to all his critics.

The whole of Sri Lanka wants to see this guy play just like the situation is with Sachin in India.

ALl the best Sana.